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Although ALWP routinely scans all correspondence with anti-virus software, due to the nature of email communication, we cannot accept responsibility for any viruses; and although we will always take reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality and security, we do not accept any responsibility for the reliability, security, accuracy, interception, corruption, loss or delay of information exchanged. Unless you inform us to the contrary in writing, you expressly agree that we may correspond by means of the internet or other electronic media and acknowledge that ALWP does not assure or commit that email transmissions will be free from viruses nor be completely secure.


No information nor any opinion contained in this communication nor any attached document herein constitutes a solicitation nor offer by ALWP to trade any financial instruments or provide any financial advice or service.

Benchmarks, if used, are for illustrative purposes only. Comparisons to benchmarks have limitations because benchmarks are volatile and other material characteristics that may differ from specific portfolios. Also, performance results for benchmarks do not reflect payment of investment management/incentive fees and other fund expenses. Because of these differences, benchmarks should not be relied upon as an accurate measure of comparison.


Errors and Omissions excepted: This communication and any document attached herein is not to be regarded as an official ALWP confirmation/valuation statement, and it is provided for information purposes only. The details and terms contained in any official confirmation and statement that is issued by a client’s custodian bank will override or supersede any conflicting information herein. While ALWP has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained within the communication is accurate at the time of publication, ALWP provides no assurance or guarantee, expressed or implied (including third-party liability), with regard to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. Should this communication be related to a specific offering from a third-party, it should be noted that the information would have been produced independently of the third-party or any other prospective underwriters in the offering. Under no circumstances is ALWP liable for any losses or direct, indirect, accidental, special, or consequential damages owing or related to this information or resulting from risks inherent to any economic, geopolitical, and/or financial markets developments. Investors should be aware that prices may rise or fall. A positive performance in the past is, therefore, no guarantee of the same in the future. Furthermore, investments in foreign currencies are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Other products are available on the market, which may be more suitable or appropriate to individual investor’s requirements than any that may be listed in this communication. No responsibility and/or liability for any damage resulting from or in connection with its use is assumed by ALWP or its officers, whether in tort, contract or otherwise howsoever. The information provided herein is complementary to and not a substitute for independent professional advice from a person qualified to provide it in the investor’s home country. All investors are to seek their own professional advice. The information is highly privileged and is not to be furnished to another party without ALWP’s written approval.

This communication may pertain to a transaction that may entail a financial derivative and may, therefore, be complex and involve a high degree of risk, which could be UNLIMITED. It is intended only for investors who understand and are capable of assuming all risks involved.


Please note that ALWP is not a tax advisor, and accordingly, no statement in this communication should be construed or regarded as advice on tax matters. Any statement herein regarding any tax issue is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purposes of avoiding or evading any taxes or penalties. Please consult your tax advisor for the appropriate treatment of this information. Questions concerning the translation of tax form information onto an individual tax return should be referred to as a tax professional. Please take note that Singapore has a firm stance against illicit tax activities. As of July 1st, 2013, Singapore has enacted a new law that designates that tax crimes will be included in the list of money laundering predicate offenses. ALWP is committed to working only with clients that are tax compliant in all jurisdictions. Every Client is responsible for their own tax compliance and will be required to sign Tax Compliant Declarations before any relationship can be initiated. ALWP will not participate in any activity that would result in aiding any person(s) to evade taxes. ALWP takes seriously its anti-money laundering obligations in Singapore, which include guarding against the proceeds of serious tax crimes.


The companies of ALWP and/or members of the boards of directors or employees of companies of ALWP may have or may have had an interest or positions in, trade, or have traded in the securities published in this communication or any document therein. Furthermore, the companies of ALWP and/or members of the boards of directors or employees of companies of ALWP may be or may have been connected with the companies concerned, and may have or may have had a seat on the executive boards of these companies.


ALWP commits to clients its adherence to the Fair Dealing outcomes as espoused by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. ALWP warrants that clients’ interests will always take precedence over staff interests.  


If this communication is for a Singapore client and pertains to a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), please be informed that with effect from July 1st, 2013, any offer of a CIS related instrument (ETFs, REITS, closed-ended funds, mutual funds) must be accompanied by an Information Memorandum provided by the issuer of the instrument. If you have not received this Information Memorandum, you must request a copy before making any investment decision.


In the event that this communication is in relation to an investment or transaction instruction that has been sourced and directed solely by a client without any advice from ALWP, the Client acknowledges that ALWP, even if ALWP had passed the instruction to the bank/broker for execution, was not acting as an advisor to the Client for that particular transaction and therefore assumes no fiduciary nor advisory obligations in respect of any such transaction/instruction. The Client hereby accepts full responsibility for ensuring that they have done their necessary investigations and have determined for themselves the appropriateness and suitability of such a product.



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