all-time highs

Embracing All-Time Highs

The ascent to new peaks in stock markets ignites a potent mix of excitement and caution among investors


How much?

What risk-free, inflation-protected, after-tax return would you be willing to accept on the totality of your wealth for the rest of your life in order to completely and forever forgo any other investment opportunity?

Momentum Trumps Fundamentals

Momentum Trumps Fundamentals

One of the most valuable pieces of trading advice I ever received was during the early days of my finance career in Hong Kong…

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Ten Surprises for 2024

Exactly a year ago I wrote about how indicators were lining up for a positive equity market performance this year, contrary to the pervasive bearishness that economists and investors were forecasting


Are You Worried?

Despite a steady stream of negative newsflow, and despite a weak August, a further -5 per cent fall in September, and a -3 per cent drop in October, equity markets have so far stayed relatively calm, at the worst point giving back half of the year to date gains


The Illiquidity Premium and Private Credit

To put it mildly, I have not been a fan of illiquid investments


How Much Inheritance Should You Give Your Children?

“I want half of the money!”

Financial technology concept with 3d rendering robot analyze stock market big data

Where are the AI Opportunities?

It seems like every other article recently has been on Artificial Intelligence. Even non-investment magazines are featuring front-cover articles on AI. It’s enough to make every contrarian investor’s hair stand on end


Lessons from HBO’s Succession in Creating Sustainable Multi-Generational Wealth

During HBO’s acclaimed series Succession’s first season, I was discussing the show with a friend over dinner, and they marvelled at how the patriarch of the family…